4 Steps to Engage Your Market Through Social Media

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Social Media For Tourism

Social media may feel daunting some days, but there are a few tricks to get your messages to the right people likely to book!

1. Create Content

This is perhaps the greatest challenge of a successful social media account. Think of it like a television “channel.” No one will tune in if you don’t have any shows for them to watch! Content works best when you educate and inspire. Each post should have something useful or interesting to share, and a beautiful image.

Before you make each post, ask yourself “would I want to read this if [my competitor] posted it?” Take photos, share news and interesting information, and create visuals that could easily belong in a glossy magazine to represent your brand.

2. Collect Data and Use It

Know Your Customers!

Demographics go far beyond “women in California” these days, with the spectacular array of targeting options offered by social media ads. Understanding who they are, specific ages, what devices they use, and what their interests are can help you make the most of your ad budget by reaching the people most likely to book.

Do they book your tour last-minute, when they’re wandering the streets nearby, or do they book your accommodation months ahead for special events? Getting all of this useful data recorded in documents can help you plan effective ad campaigns.

3. Optimize: Make Sure Your Posts Are Seen!

SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t just for websites! Make use of tools like appropriate hashtags, verifying your page, and completing all of your “About” section details to make your business easy to discover by future customers.

4. Explore New Ways to Share

Social media options are rapidly evolving, with new and exciting ways to promote your business and engage with customers. Try building a gorgeous Facebook canvas ad, a miniature mobile-only microsite. Set up a beacon, to deliver messages and special deals to people within your business location. Or run a Snapchat filter campaign, to encourage tourists at your destination to share their vacation photos with your branding.

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