Google 'Not Secure' Notification Roll Out

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Last week, Google reached out to website owners through Google Search Console informing them that from October 2017, Chrome will mark HTTP pages that collect data through forms as ‘not secure’. Below is an example of the message sent by Google.
The most common examples of collecting data through forms include: 
• when somebody tries signing up to your email newsletter
• when somebody is making an inquiry on your website.

Starting from version 62 of Chrome, Google will start flagging sites as “not secure” when entering data on a page – e.g. inquiry forms, etc. We’re currently at version 60.
62 will be released in October.
Here’s how it will look…

Why act now?

Migrating your website to HTTPS is quickly becoming a necessity.
• HTTPS is regarded as a ranking factor meaning improved rankings across Google search results. Click here for more info.
• Improved website security
• Website visitors will see a green padlock on their browser’s address bar when visiting your website.
• According to Moz, it is estimated that 50.3% of sites that appear in Google’s search result are using HTTPS.
• The number of websites using an HTTPS has more than doubled in the last 12 months.
• Over 60% of all internet searches are done using Google Chrome.