What is Remarketing and Why Should I Care?

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Learn how to recapture visitors who have abandoned your website and turn them into bookings!

Why Is Everyone Talking about Remarketing?

Introducing New and Returning Traffic

There are two types of traffic that comes to your website: “new” and “returning”. If you have the chance, login to Google Analytics and take a look under Audience > Behaviour. How does your new and returning traffic compare?

New Vs Returning Traffic in Google Analytics

Commonly, you’ll find your returning traffic stays on your website longer, viewing more pages. This is because the people who have come back for another look are those who are more interested in your product or service. Hence, your chances of converting returning traffic into a lead or sale is higher than with new traffic.

Therefore it makes sense to increase your returning traffic by encouraging more visitors back to your site. Remarketing helps you do this.

I'm Back Meme Terminator Arnie

Remarketing via Google Adwords

For example, let’s look at Google AdWords remarketing. This uses cookies to track users who have visited your website. You then can target these people with display advertising that appears on other websites as they browse the internet.

Ever noticed after viewing a product on Amazon.com (or another site) that suddenly you started seeing ads for that product following you around? Yes, it can be annoying, but when done correctly, it works.

Solomon Airlines Sydney to Honiara Flight Special

Why Does It Work?

When you are considering buying something online, you don’t often purchase or book it on the first time around. There’s a well-known marketing principle called the “rule of 7” which assumes potential buyers need to come across your offer at least 7 times before they take action.

This is particularly true for travel or accommodation. Let’s consider Sarah, who is researching activities for her upcoming holiday to Fiji. She searches for “Fiji family activities” on Google and finds a number of potential options, but she needs time to make a proper decision. The next day Sarah is checking out the weather forecast and notices an ad for one of the websites she viewed. This puts it at the forefront of her mind. The ad might mention a limited special offer for 5% off, so she clicks on it and books there and then.

Don't Forget Social!

Facebook is another online channel where remarketing takes place.

Facebook Ad for InVision

Fully Measurable Results

Another great thing about remarketing is that it is relatively inexpensive (usually much cheaper than other Google search ads) and you are able to track visits and conversions from your ads. 

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