Bella Vista Remarketing

case study

Bella Vista is a nationwide motel chain with 27 locations across New Zealand. As part of their Google Adwords campaigns, we used remarketing advertising to target previous website visitors.

case study

The Challenge

The challenge was simple – increase bookings. As with many websites, we found that Bella Vista’s returning traffic (i.e. visitors that had been to the website before) was more likely to book with them.

It makes sense that most people don’t book straight away when searching for accommodation; there is a research/consideration phase and they might visit several different websites before booking.

So the specific challenge here was to increase returning traffic by targeting people in that “research” phase.

The Solution

Adwords Remarketing is a great way to encourage more returning traffic by showing specific advertising to people who have already been to the website.

It can also be very cost-effective: a click from a remarketing ad is usually considerably cheaper than a click from a Google Adwords search campaign. And even if someone doesn’t click on the ad, they are reminded of Bella Vista, increasing brand awareness.

We designed two sets of generic banner ads to be shown across Google’s Display Network (these are websites that allow banner ads for example newspapers, popular travel and cooking sites).  Creating two sets allowed us to compare results and determine what worked better for future advertising. We ensured that the ads were capped so that they wouldn’t show more than three times per week to someone (which can get annoying).

In addition to the generic ads, we designed a set specific for business travellers, i.e. people who had visited the Corporate Travellers page on the website.

Since the Remarketing Campaign’s launch, it has brought Bella Vista increased direct bookings, at a rough cost of $10 per conversion. Considering an average room rate of approximately $138 per night and that some bookings can be for multiple nights, this is great ROI for the organisation.

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