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case study

North Island Ski Holiday is dedicated to providing the best winter experience & information in Great Lake Taupo

case study

The Challenge

North Island Ski Holiday is a brand new website with the purpose of providing information about experiencing winter in Great Lake Taupo. The marketing challenge was two-fold; First is branding and awareness of the North Island Ski Holiday website that will provide all the winter information and activities of Great Lake Taupo and second, is for the North Island Ski Holiday web audience to visit Great Lake Taupo as the ultimate winter destination.
The strategy was simple, reach the audience during multiple travel phases of dreaming and planning and provide that “nudge” by supplying perfect weather condition custom messages that will inspire the audience to the experience phase that will drive them to Great Lake Taupo for a quick winter paradise escape.

The Solution

Tomahawk worked with North Island Ski Holiday to launch weather based ads that target users by serving ads or delivering the message on days with blue skies and sunshine in Mt Ruapehu, the perfect setting for winter activities. Tomahawk launched a Google AdWords Campaign that feature Great Lake Taupo as the ultimate winter destination in New Zealand.



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Noelle Dolor

Digital Marketing Manager

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