Once Upon a Trip creates fully customized New Zealand holidays for travelers wanting to get the most of their time. Owners Franck and Adeline are an inspiring French couple who first came to the country on honeymoon and then made it their family home. They cater for all types of traveler and all budgets – showing us tailor made travel does not have to be expensive.

case study

The Challenge

We wanted to portray the amazing breadth of knowledge that the Once Upon a Trip team carried, as this was one of their key unique points of difference. They had all seen and experienced so much of New Zealand first hand.

The old website consisted of both English and French versions. The French version was to be left alone which meant the new English website would sit on a brand new domain. The challenge here was to get this new domain ranking as high on search results and keep the organic traffic coming through.

The Solution

The Once Upon a Trip homepage uses an attractive and responsive magazine layout, showcasing articles that their team have written from their own experiences in New Zealand. It was particularly useful that Franck and Adeline had so much of their own imagery and videos (it helps distinguish their website and brand from others). The articles are added to regularly, providing fresh new content to Google that’s also great for sharing on social channels like Facebook.

The example travel itineraries have been kept to a minimum but are enough to promote what OUAT can do for their customers. They also provide good landing pages for their Google Adwords campaigns.

We are proud to continue working with Once Upon a Trip, providing consultation on social media and fine tuning the website to help increase enquiries and search visibility.

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