In 2006, Colleen and David Hurd discovered a derelict, forgotten building in the small historic township of Ophir, in Central Otago. While most people wouldn’t have given it a second glance, Colleen and David saw endless potential – and the concept of creating a historic accommodation and dining experience was born.

We first met with Colleen and David in 2011, a year before they would open the doors to the beautifully restored accommodation and restaurant. At this point, we knew it was time to develop a brand and strategy to ensure that when they did open the doors, people knew about Pitches Store.

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The Challenge

Colleen and David needed an amazing website and marketing launch for the opening of their new luxury property.

This included a need for branding and logo design, photography, dining menus and an online booking system.

The Solution

We began by understanding their vision and values, so we could create a logo that communicated the spirit of their brand. As time was of the essence, we also rapidly developed a marketing strategy, which included a series of actions over the coming year to start building some hype. 

A little while later, once all the finishing touches had been made and Pitches Store was ready to open, we arranged a day and evening photoshoot in order to begin creating a beautiful website that would capture attention and help them get found online. This was supported by website copywriting, an audio-visual clip, and product development, so that Pitches Store could present their accommodation and dining experience in an emotive and enticing manner.

Since opening, Pitches Store has been the recipient of plenty of press and praise, including being a finalist in the 2012 Cuisine Magazine Restaurant Awards and a nomination for the Master Builders Restoration Project. They've also been busy beyond anything they had imagined, with excellent year-round occupancy and steady day and night dining. 

Now, every conversation starts with the Colleen saying she’s always booked out and too busy to talk. We don't take it personally, in fact, we're just happy to have helped create a series of strategies that made their dreams a reality.

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